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Riddle you this:  Person A has all of the time in the world, while Person B has all of the money in the world, but neither has what the other has at his/her disposal.  Which one would you rather be?  I know, I would rather be person A, because then at least I can make connections with people, loved ones, increase bonds, etc. (what life is about).

No one has control over time and never will (no matter what you think), and in the same token, no one truly has control over you.  Some people may want to, but he/she never truly will.  We can’t possess time, and it doesn’t want to possess us (it’s a part of life and love).  On the other hand, money is a fixed thing.  We can possess it and the illusion of it in the world causes some to want to possess others.  It can’t possess you, but you could be controlled by it if you’re not careful.

I thought about it, and I don’t think time is money as the saying goes.  I’m throwing that saying out of the window for myself, at least, because it doesn’t help me at all.  Time is something someone on his/her death bed says he/she would want more of, not money.  I like the saying “take your time,” because time is truly a gift and fuels life.

This film deals with the concept of time and is quite “stellar”:

Trailer for Interstellar

Image and poem by me (Heather Arneson); edited using Photoshop
Image and poem by H. Arneson; edited using Photoshop

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I love to write, cook, and take photos. As an INFP personality type, I truly care about others and my values. I'm a fraternal twin, have two older brothers, and I served in AmeriCorps. I love my family and my boyfriend. They rock! For years, I collaborated online with Stuart Armitage (UK). Our band, The Lyre Effect, released several albums, though we never met in person. Additionally, I've written a novel, novella, poetry book, and children's book series. Being into the visual arts from a young age, I've had my artwork featured in several gallery exhibits, enjoyed providing assistance on music video sets, as well as acted in and co-directed a few short films. Playing piano and singing are also passions of mine (wrote my first song and poem when I was 9 years old). Currently, I'm part of the writing group, Lead Us Ink, and published my first poetry book in 2015. In this technological age, I think it's important to share the written word, something that will always be sacred and personal. I hope this blog will help me to connect more with others, and I look forward to networking with readers like you. I want to find out about new music, interesting articles, and artwork. So, please, reach out to me. I might even have some good suggestions for you. Take care, and happy reading!

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