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flowers of thyme copy

 “Flowers of Thyme”  [The name was inspired by the lovely little stem of thyme I bought yesterday-pictured above]

*This is a natural anti-anxiety remedy created on 4-8-15 (blog post edited and re-posted on 04-14)

You’ll need:  fresh basil, thyme, rosemary, ginger root, raw honey, vanilla extract, cinnamon stick (get all fresh and organic ingredients if you can), small mixing bowl

Place cinnamon stick in small sauce pan, and cover with inch or so of water (when it starts to boil, while you’re mixing other ingredients, you can put it on simmer). Scoop out a tbsp of raw honey, and place in mixing bowl.  Dice up two very small slices of ginger root with medium-large chopping knife (cutting off rough outer layer), and place in bowl.  Pour in three tsps of vanilla extract.  Peel thyme, rosemary, and basil leaf from stems (1 serving for each), and place in bowl.  Pour in hot cinnamon water and stir all ingredients together lightly with a spoon. I recommend putting the mixture into a water glass, and filling with cold filtered, or cold sparkling water.  You can play around with how you ingest it, but keeping the ingredients as fresh and raw as possible, while being able to take this remedy several times a week without wincing at the thought is the key.  This is an experiment; I’m going to try it three times a week to start.  All of the ingredients are natural and have beneficial qualities. If you like the idea of trying the remedy yourself, regulate the dosage of it according to your body weight and/or hormonal balance.  You might need more or less on average each week, depending on your particular body chemistry and make-up.  Also, if you’re pregnant or nursing, consider replacing rosemary with another mood-boosting food that holds a lot of Vitamin B.  I’m already feeling the good effects of this. Thanks for reading, and I hope this can benefit you as well!

Note:  I made a bigger batch-and created a pitcher full-adding half of a bottle of Third Street organic black tea to the mix to help preserve it.  This works well, because then you don’t have to worry about making it every day.  Whether you choose to blend the ingredients or pour as is, be sure to shake up the mixture before serving.

Love, Heather


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