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Picture sitting comfortably next to a waterfall. Imagine hearing the rapid rush, and feel the cool breeze gently touching your face. Relax, and breathe deeply. Toss all of your negative thoughts in there, causing them to be drowned out by the sound of this wonderful natural occurrence. Be willing to feel (joy, sadness, fear, anxiety, optimism, etc.). Know that the peaks of your brittle layer will be polished off over time, much like the smooth stones outlining the great water source. Continue to breathe calmly, acknowledging that you’re a loving, intelligent, and perfectly designed human being.

Perhaps you’ve been hurt badly, and there is no other choice but to take the time to heal. Therefore, enjoy the moments you have in this spiritual sanctuary, which isn’t an illusion wrought by the world. As a warrior, you need to be restored no matter what. Much like the leaves nearby, your skin will renew, shed, and shield. They are soft, and seemingly ephemeral, like the water. However, nature is stronger than you can ever comprehend, much like your soul.

You will enliven your spirit, speaking calmly, yet setting boundaries assertively with others. This is because you will be healed by the graceful yet commanding force of time, intrinsic in shaping the environment around your safe haven.

Substances such as alcohol and drugs will only block you from the process of being able to expel the negativity from your soul, something necessary in moving on to the next life lesson. You need to be aware of this, because no one else will do this for you in the way that’s best for you as an individual.

Treat them like people who have harmed you in the past. The waterfall separates you from them. They will run away or disappear, because their negativity will only suck them in by the dense gravitational energy, material object or person. Forgive their energy, and know that they were a part of a prior lesson in life, but they don’t have the right to infringe on your time of healing, now. Look downhill to see the impact that water has on the earth, shaping it so long after glacial activity.

Be happy that you are alive, and have the time to be exactly who you are in the moment. You are at peace with your existence as a spiritual and courageous person. Now, when you’re ready, take a deep breath (awaken your body with oxygen) and be you!



Bonobo Sweetness

Published by: rhythmoftime

I love to write, cook, and take photos. As an INFP personality type, I truly care about others and my values. I'm a fraternal twin, have two older brothers, and I served in AmeriCorps. I love my family and my boyfriend. They rock! For years, I collaborated online with Stuart Armitage (UK). Our band, The Lyre Effect, released several albums, though we never met in person. Additionally, I've written a novel, novella, poetry book, and children's book series. Being into the visual arts from a young age, I've had my artwork featured in several gallery exhibits, enjoyed providing assistance on music video sets, as well as acted in and co-directed a few short films. Playing piano and singing are also passions of mine (wrote my first song and poem when I was 9 years old). Currently, I'm part of the writing group, Lead Us Ink, and published my first poetry book in 2015. In this technological age, I think it's important to share the written word, something that will always be sacred and personal. I hope this blog will help me to connect more with others, and I look forward to networking with readers like you. I want to find out about new music, interesting articles, and artwork. So, please, reach out to me. I might even have some good suggestions for you. Take care, and happy reading!

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