Why is my novel Spectrum a tale of heroism?

A:  Without giving away too much, all of the “good” characters in the novel have unique personalities with quirks and strengths alike…he or she stays true to that even when evil itself appears, glaring its ugly amalgam of deceitful contempt.  However, Caleb, Juliet, Lucinda, Mario, Michelle, Emily, Patrick, Erik, Lynn, and Thomas are all able to stand up to the inhumane force quite well by just having the attitude of “this is me, for better or for worse, and I’m not out to hurt anyone for a sick thrill.  I’m only trying to figure things out in life while being me, the only person I can be.  I can’t and won’t be anyone else.  No matter what happens, I’ll be strong by holding this defense, and vigilant about getting rid of evil at the same time.”   In this sense, they’re heroic because they deflect the malady of mind-spirit from infecting society, without denigrating themselves nor the innocent.

I want to inspire you as a reader, regardless of your gender, religious affiliation, sexual preference, or race (I left out age and mental state, because the novel includes gore and graphic language).  Everyone deserves to be able to feel comfortable being a human, no matter what, complete with imperfections and positive personal expressions.

I hope that you enjoy reading it, and I apologize upfront for any grammatical errors, unrealistic details, etc.  Hopefully, the story is interesting, even humorous and captivating for you at times.

Brief Synopsis:

When a group of children break into an abandoned mansion once owned by Charles and Elizabeth Grange, a notorious murderous couple in the early 20th century, they expose themselves to the malevolent force existing in Grange Manor. An instructional guide for individuals getting rid of evil, the story opens up opportunity for survival.

 *Special note to fellow bloggers:  Thank you so much for your support over the past year.  I’ve also enjoyed reading your entries, and hope that I’ve given you a positive boost in return.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


Heather Arneson


Artwork © Margaron

Spectrum Cover


“Summertime” by George Gershwin


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I love to write, cook, and take photos. As an INFP personality type, I truly care about others and my values. I'm a fraternal twin, have two older brothers, and I served in AmeriCorps. I love my family and my boyfriend. They rock! For years, I collaborated online with Stuart Armitage (UK). Our band, The Lyre Effect, released several albums, though we never met in person. Additionally, I've written a novel, novella, poetry book, and children's book series. Being into the visual arts from a young age, I've had my artwork featured in several gallery exhibits, enjoyed providing assistance on music video sets, as well as acted in and co-directed a few short films. Playing piano and singing are also passions of mine (wrote my first song and poem when I was 9 years old). Currently, I'm part of the writing group, Lead Us Ink, and published my first poetry book in 2015. In this technological age, I think it's important to share the written word, something that will always be sacred and personal. I hope this blog will help me to connect more with others, and I look forward to networking with readers like you. I want to find out about new music, interesting articles, and artwork. So, please, reach out to me. I might even have some good suggestions for you. Take care, and happy reading!

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