[Kind of crazy disclaimer: I had to take down my regular website, because I was paranoid many people who looked at it didn’t support my work-through comments I’d overhear (maybe imagining things, maybe not-but hardly on there so not worth the risk for my sanity), but had good experiences for the most part through WordPress.  Like the culture, the bulletin board shouting out to the world to be heard, bittersweet, hopeful and interesting way people communicate and connect…so going to keep this page and like the support I get through this platform].

Not crazy disclaimer: If you wonder why I repeat my name on this site and throw around the word copyright, it’s because I think some people will never get credit for my work and I don’t think others deserve it, unless I am properly compensated, or directly contacted and it is in obvious positive promotion of my hard and unpaid, original work.  Isn’t that how the world works?  Yes, in legal terms, it does.  Hope you enjoy your time on here as well!

The Ink Production

The Ink Production was founded in 2008 by myself, Heather Arneson.  We released the modern silent film Necessary Lubrication, soon afterwards. Link to full movie: and trailer:  In 2009, we featured the short comedic movie, A Fraud, a comedic exploration of the 1930’s gangster era. Link to movie:

MN Shorts was a film festival funded by our company, with the help of the Rogue Buddha Gallery:  This was a fun exercise in bringing the local community of filmmakers and crew together, while providing a platform for magicians and various other entertainers.

The music video Birth by The Lyre Effect was shot, directed and edited by the founder, Heather Arneson.  Link to video:

The Ink Production cares about collaboration, mutual respect between artists, and creating inspiring works.  Even though we love our audience, we don’t stick to one formula with our process.

Artist Website

“Birth” Music Video by my band (and Stoo’s) The Lyre Effect

The Lyre Effect on Twitter

The Lyre Effect Music (contributed words and voice)    also included in

La Croche Lune

My Past Blog

Sianet Radio (Independent Radio Station)

Ted Talks

Project Unbreakable 

Extra Happiness

Farm Sanctuary

National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)

Louis C.K. “cell phones” clip

InnerKids Program

Importance of Mindfulness

The Wicked Ravens

Understanding & Treating Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Cheat Sheet For Decoding Narcissistic Manipulations

Dr. Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Diseases & Natural Cures

Volunteer Match




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