The Lyre Effect

Please check out my band, The Lyre Effect!  Below are links, a music video I shot and edited for our new track and our bio.  Have a fun and safe weekend!!

Paraíso by The Lyre Effect is now on Googleplay!  Please follow this link to download the tracks:

Here is a music video I shot and edited for the new album:

Please download our Remixed tracks for free and listen to our music here:


The Lyre Effect is an experiment bringing poetry and music together through two unique perspectives: Stuart Armitage “The Ambient Punk” and Heather Arneson “The Raving Lyre.”  St. Paul musician and producer Robert Romani originally recorded some of Heather’s poetry, and after she posted the work on myspace, this caught the attention of Stoo, a seasoned drummer and music producer.  They began collaborating in the fall of 2006, spurring The Lyre Effect. 

The unsettling mix of ambient electronic rock and bittersweet broken soul poetry piqued the interest of many, and continues to evolve.  Our music was playlisted Australia’s UMF radio, Insomnia UK, and Rock 365 stations.  Also, it was featured in awarded film fest movies.


List of some sites that played our music:,,,,,, 105.1 Audiomantra Peru

 Album photo and design by David Cohen:Paraíso-The Lyre Effect Album Cover-Artwork by David Cohen